Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A few of our Retailers - thank you!

So excited to be a part of Traditions of ThomastonTraditions of Thomaston is located at 201 South Center Street in Thomaston, Ga. From Vera Bradley to Tyler Candles to wonderfully whimsical UGA gifts for the favorite BULLDAWG in your life. Visit Traditions of Thomaston on Facebook and when shopping in beautiful Thomaston, Ga.Traditions of Thomaston is owned by long time school teacher - Melody Gaskins. 
Come on by and say HI!


Visit The Clothing Depot - a great store that was started in 1998. The Clothing Depot has lines such as Carhartt and Ga boot. 

Over the past few years The Clothing Depot has expanded their store to over 32 different lines of clothes and outdoor gear creating us to be more a outfitter store. Now, The Clothing Depot has  
Columbia , Marmot, Mountain Hardwear, Gorpro Cameras, Costa sunglasses, Native Kayaks, Liquidlogic Kayaks, and may more items.  This sporty store is located in Eatonton, Ga. and is family owned and operated by Rossee Oil Company - who has been in business since 1945. 

More Candace and Kid's Soap Company retailers are happening every day - stay tuned - you just never know when a store will pop up in your area!


The benefits of Lavender

Many of us love the smell of lavender and when we visit our massage therapists often we beg for more! At Candace and Kid's Soap Company we CAN give you more in our Lavender Goat's Milk Soap.

Lavender is wonderful for aching muscles, stress and just to help us relax in this crazy world. It is said that Lavender is one of the most well known and loved fragrances around. Although the lavender plant is beautiful in itself with it's lovely purple blooms - this high fragrence flower can bring sweetness and calmness to your day.

Many reasons to use Lavender Goat's Milk Soap is because you can - and you can relax in a bath and smother yourself with this warm feeling. No nervous tension, no headaches - just plain relaxation.

As one of Candace and Kid's top sellers - we delight in making this goats milk soap simply because of it's healing powers. A Candace and Kid's Soap Company happy customer stated that she cuts the bar in several pieces and places in her clothing drawers and enjoys the smell of lavender on her clothing, without the strong smell of sprays. We love hearing great ways to use our wonderful goat's milk soap.

Purchase a bar of Candace and Kid's Lavender Goat Milk Soap and let us know what you think and other ways that you enjoy it.

Peace and lavender... to you.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Valentine's Day and Candace and Kids - a great combo!

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and Candace and Kid's Soap Company is thrilled to introduce Valentine's Day Combo Bags for the ones you love in your life.

Candi Daniels has put together her best scents for the Season of Love. Inserted into these precious burlap bags and tied with raffia and stamped are gifts for teachers, neighbors, church members and of course -friends and family.

Introducing the Valentine's Day Cupid Gift Bag for Her. We have combined three wonderful goats milk soaps for HER. Included in this precious burlap bag is:

Cocoa is good for the skin! Naturally rejuvenating and stimulating, may boost collagen production. A moisturizing goat's milk soap that has the aroma of your favorite chocolate bar.
Merlot Goats Milk Soap  
Made with real wine, this full bodied goat's milk soap will nourish and moisturize your skin. Leaves you with the aroma of the fruit of the vine.
Rose Goats Milk Soap
A delicate and flowery fragrance in a goat's milk soap. Cleansing and moisturizing. Ground rose petals provide gentle and natural exfoliation. 
For the hard to buy for MAN in your life - there is the Valentine's Day Cupid Gift Bag for HIM.
Candace and Kids has picked out the following goats milk soaps for this treat -  
Honey and Oats Goats Milk Soap
All natural and gentle. Mild antiseptic and antioxidant. Ground oats provide gentle exfoliation, moisture for dry skin and absorption of excess oil in oily skin.
Shave Goats Milk Soap
A nourishing goat's milk soap with the oils of avocado and cinnamon combined with Bentonite Clay to aid in shaving. A spicy, masculine aroma with rich lather.
Sea Island Goats Milk Soap
A moisturizing goat's milk soap with a clean and refreshing sea breeze scent.  
Then of course in the four legged best friend in your life, the one that is always there for you - no judgment and doesn't care how you look or even if you forget to pet him or her for a bit. In this great bag are three bars of PUP SCRUB goats milk soap for a special treat for the little CUPID in your life~

Pup ScrubAll natural, moisturizing and soothing for the sensitive skin of dogs. Helps repel fleas, ticks and mosquitos. Produces a luxurious lather that leaves a clean and shiny coat. Do not use on cats.

These Valentine's Day gifts are only offered from Candace and Kids for a short time. Quantities are limited so place your order today. Remember that Candace and Kids Goat's Milk Soaps are all homemade and natural!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Are you Pooped after the Holidays?

Holiday Season usually is filled with hustling and bustling around - you are the cooker, the wrapper, the shopper - you are all to all.

If you are exhausted and tired - treat yourself to a bar of Candace and Kids Soap!

To go with that perfect glass of wine - bathe with the great Chardonnay goat's milk soap. This wine goats milk soap is made with real wine! This goats milk soap smells crisp and tart and will nourish and moisturize your skin!

Another real treat in life is Chocolate, just like wine - you gotta be careful when you indulge. Candace and Kids Soap Company has come up with a wonderful Chocolate Goats Milk Soap. Cocoa is good for the skin! Naturally rejuvenating and stimulating, may boost collagen production. You know we all need a boost of collagen after the holidays. A moisturizing goat's milk soap that has the aroma of your favorite chocolate bar. 

Lastly - Charcoal. Yes, Charcoal is for grilling but did you know the healing that charcoal can do? Our Charcoal Goats Milk Soap is an asian goat's milk soap that helps to clear skin, smooth complexions and whiten skin. Charcoal is a mild exfoliant that absorbs excess oils. Aids in removing impurities, treating acne and other skin ailments. So, Charcoal is not just for grilling outside - give it a try!
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