Friday, May 31, 2013

Sweet Summertime with Candace and Kids!

With June upon us and summertime almost in full swing - Candace and Kids Soap Company has a full plate of summer events and markets.

Please join us if you are in one of these areas of town - we would love to visit with ya!

To end the month of May we will be at the BLUES, JAZZ, & BBQ ON THE RIVER in Savannah, Georgia. We love Savannah with it's rich history and enjoy meeting the people. It's quite the fun time!

Also in June we will be in Rosemary Beach, Florida at the West Indies Beach Festival - July 8 and July 9th. Come on by this open-air market and visit booths with wonderful pottery,lovely jewelry, great stained glass and of course - Candace and Kids Goats Milk SoapCandace and Kids loves going to Rosemary Beach, Florida, as many people call it paradise. Rosemary Beach is a precious little town located on  Florida's gulf coast, between Panama City and Destin. 

We have many more events coming up this summer so make sure to check back in with Candace and Kids Facebook to find out where we will be. We would love to see you!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Taking care of "summer skin" this hot season of summer

While the sun’s rays can be especially tantalizing this time of year, it can also lead to some severe and dangerous problems for those who aren’t well prepared. 

Ultraviolet rays from the sun can cause issues in vision, diet and are especially problematic for your skin.

Protect your skin this summer with these three tips.

Lather Up
This one is simple, lather on SPF sunscreen to create a first line of defense against dangerous rays from the sun. Experts suggest no sunscreen below SPF30 because they don’t offer enough protection.
Although many seek a bronze tan this time of year, sunscreen will allow you more time to spend outside to slowly and safely bronze your summer skin.

It’s essential that you protect one of your most sensitive organs, your eyes, from the summer’s dangerous rays. We suggest purchasing a dark pair of sunglasses that offer specific solutions to sunlight. The sun’s reflections off of the water can cause temporary or long-term blindness and can burn the sensitive skin below your eyes.

What are you wearing??
The best layer of defense from melanoma and other dangerous skin conditions is to wear clothing that will protect your body. Opt for a large hat paired with sunglasses and a sheer to add another element of defense to your body.

If you get sunburned, you must try Candace and Kids Goats Milk Soap - Lavender Goats Milk soap helps sooth sunburn and replenishes your hair after a all day adventure in the sun.  The Candace and Kids Calendula and Camomile also aids in treating sunburn, acne, exzema, diaper rash, insect bites, psoriasis, athlete's foot and shingles. 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Go ahead and try some Goats Milk on your skin!

Few things sound as odd and out-of-place as goat’s milk used to moisturize skin  - but the stories behind it can help it make more sense! 

Milk is no stranger to skin care and was said to have started when Cleopatra of Egypt would take daily baths in milk to cleanse and moisturize her skin. Goat's milk is not much different.
Here are three reasons why you should use goats milk as a moisturizer.

Goats Milk is Rich in Vitamins
Goat milk is rich in a multitude of vitamins including vitamins A, B6, B12 and E and also is composed of nearly three times the amount of casein protein that is found in cow’s milk. Casein is quickly absorbed into your skin and can lead to a quick hydrating for your skin.

People with sensitive skin or allergic problems to different chemicals are often soothed by goat’s milk because of how gentle it can be to even the most sensitive skin. Best of all, it is natural!

Fountain of Youth
Not exactly, but using goat’s milk can reduce wrinkles and abrasions on different parts of the skin where it is applied. It can help create that youthful glowing skin that so many skincare products claim to provide.

Make sure to stop by Candace and Kids Soap Company for a large selection of Goats milk soap - homemade on Daniel's Divide in Thomaston, Georgia. Candace and Kids has a wide variety of goats milk soaps that help in many skin irritations and skin problems

Go ahead, take the jump and go out and try some goat’s milk for your skin in great goats milk soaps at Candace and Kids.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Spotlight on Pearls Spa and Boutique in downtown Acworth, Ga

Pearl's Spa and Boutique is located in historic downtown Acworth, Georgia on a crowded strip of adorable boutiques, gift shops, and great restaurants. 

Acworth, Georgia is located about 35 miles northwest of Atlanta, exemplifies the quality of life most Americans dream of. While it is close enough to Atlanta to experience professional sports and cultural events equated with a larger city, the small-town atmosphere of Acworth provokes opportunities for families that offer fun and tranquility.

Pearl's Spa and Boutique is a very unique and relaxing place to visit. Offering services such as massages, facials, manicures, pedicures, reflexology and much more. Located in the front of our spa is a bath and body boutique full of Candace and Kids  handmade goats milk soaps, lotions, bubble bath, bath bombs, and pearl jewelry. Pearl's Spa and Boutique takes pride in being able to offer shoppers locally made items, and if they don't come from Georgia they are made here in the U.S.

Next time you are in Acworth, Georgia please visit Pearls Spa and Boutique on 4827 S. Main Street in Acworth, GA.You can also like Pearl's Spa and Boutique on Facebook for great specials and events. 

If you are in Acworth, Georgia - Come by Pearl's Spa and Boutique ~ we would love to say HI!