Monday, April 29, 2013

Citrus and Salt Goats Milk Soap and the benefits of Himalayan Salt!

If you are like other consumers, you are unsure exactly what Himalayan Salt is and why it is so good for your health in so many ways.

Himalayan salt can help aid in so many skin issues and skin conditions.  A skin condition that many suffer from is acne. Himalayan Salt works on acne by drawing out toxins in your skin. The toxins are trapped under your skin and that is why many people suffer from skin breakouts and severe acne. Using Himalayan Salt is great for your skin - whether you use it on your face with Candace and Kids Citrus and Salt Goats Milk Soap or whether you use it on your body as you shower.  It works by drawing out toxins.

Candace and Kids Citrus and Salt Soap is a full lathering goat milk soap made with fine pink Hymalayan salt. Bursting with pink grapefruit, oranges and mandarin, this bar exfoliates while it nourishes and soothe. Our ingredients are: Saponified olive, coconut, palm and soybean oils, shea butter, goat milk, blend of essential and fragrance oils, Himalayan pink salt, natural colorants and vitamin E.

Check out what all Himalayan salt can do for you and what all the benefits of  Himalayan Salt!
Go ahead - bathe with our Himalayan Salt Soap - but don't eat it!

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