Monday, April 1, 2013

Do you know about Sea Island, Ga?

On the Southern Coast of Georgia is one of the most hidden secrets of the Georgia Coast. If you don't know about Sea Island, you are missing something wonderful!

In 1911 Howard Coffin (Vice President of the Hudson Motor Co) bought 20,000 acres of land on Sapelo Island and began his developing of this beautiful piece of land. In 1926 Coffin then purchased more land which was called Long Island and named it Sea Island. From that point on he built a golf course, "The Plantation" and he opened a Inn and Lodge named "The Cloister" and at that point, Sea Island was born. 

Sea Island, Georgia is known for it's beautiful beach, relaxation of highly social people. Access to Sea Island now is limited, therefore Candace and Kids created a goat's milk soap to smell like the Georgia beach named  - Sea Island. This private barrier island is home to many.

If you would like to visit Sea Island, go ahead and get Candace and Kid's Sea Island Goat's Milk Soap - it may be the only way you can smell the wonderful sea smell of Sea Island. A moisturizing goat's milk soap with a clean and refreshing sea breeze scent - just like Sea Island, Ga


Go ahead - visit Sea Island, Georgia by ordering Sea Island Goat's Milk Soap today from Candace and Kid's Soap Company!

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